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Mercedes-Benz A Service

Mercedes-Benz A Service $249.99

The Mercedes-Benz A Service is the basic service performed when called for by your Mercedes-Benz vehicle’s instrument cluster. More than an oil change, it is the foundation of proper maintenance of your Mercedes-Benz vehicle. There are certain quirks in every vehicle that are known only to the people that spend their days working on that vehicle. We know the problem areas of Mercedes-Benz vehicles and know what to look for to prevent major problems in the future.

Services Perfomed during A Service

  • Engine oil and filter change
  • Inspect and correct all fluid levels
  • Check drive belt and coolant/air hoses
  • Check function of all interior and exterior lamps, correct as necessary
  • Lubricate hinges of hood, doors, trunk
  • Test battery and charging system
  • Check thickness of brake pads, brake discs, inspect for leakage of brake fluid
  • Check treadwear and condition of tires
  • Inspect condition and perfomrance of wiper blades
  • Scan all vehicle computers for finding of problems
  • Reset flexible service system indicator, mark service book

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